Spiece Insurance Agency

Solutions for Everyone:

As your local Independent Insurance Agent, we provide our clients with access to more insurance options than other agencies. Why is this important to you? Because with more choices, you get the right coverage at the best price!

Don't limit yourself to one company. We have access to many top rated well known insurance companies and do the work for you, on your behalf, so you don't have to go insurance shopping, saving you time and money.

We can provide you with multiple quotes from several companies, resulting in the best pricing and coverage based on your individual needs.

Things aren't getting much better in the economy;  money continues to get tighter, and prices for products and services continue to rise.  

No matter what happens in life, the paths we decide to travel, life changes, needs change and so does your insurance. 

We have the ability to assist you and your ever changing needs and to help guide you through difficult situations that may arise.


We have the flexibility to create customized insurance packages that reflect your specific needs and wants.